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By purchasing our Christmas Dinner Game you could provide life changing information and support to some of the 12 million people in the UK living with hearing loss and deafness.

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  • provide essential services for people with deafness, hearing loss and tinnitus.
  • fund research that is constantly looking for new and better treatments.
  • help us campaign to make society more inclusive for people with hearing loss.

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There’s nothing I love more than the family being together at Christmas. When the kids were young Christmas dinner and the games that followed were a source of so many happy memories for me. However, due to my hearing loss and tinnitus I have found this part of Christmas to be particularly challenging. I find myself missing most of what has been said and by the time the crackers have been pulled I am exhausted and want to retreat to somewhere quiet and read my book. We plan to play the RNID Christmas Dinner Game during our family Christmas dinner, my hope is that it will be a gentle reminder to my family to speak clearly, one at a time, and to ensure I can see their face when they talk to me. Simple really but it'll make all the difference to me.


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How your donations are changing lives.

On average, every £1 we invest in research generates £10 of further funding.

For every £1 we receive, 92p goes to help deaf people, or those living with tinnitus and hearing loss.