Email your local news editor about noisy restaurants

Dining out with friends and family should be one of life’s great joys. But restaurants are getting noisier, and many of us find ourselves cut off and unable to join in conversations. 

Megan said: "It was so noisy in Brighton Zizzi that I left feeling like I'd been to a rock concert - needless to say it was impossible to enjoy catching up with my friends over dinner and wine. Can anyone tell me why restaurants seem to think that excruciating background noise is good for business? All I know is that in the future I'll definitely be taking my custom elsewhere..."​

Will you follow Megan's lead and send an email to your local newspaper editor about your experiences of noisy local restaurants using our simple template? With your help we could achieve coverage in several regions across the UK, which will add to the growing pressure on the industry to make changes.  





Email your local news editor about noisy restaurants

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Share your biggest concerns about noisy restaurants in the box below, mentioning a specific local restaurant if possible. Don't hold back! Editors are most likely to publish letters from readers who make their point strongly and passionately. 

Examples of top gripes from other supporters:

  • Not being able to hear my friends and family in loud restaurants
  • Having to avoid going out due to excessive noise levels
  • The trend for modern, sleek interiors which is driving sound levels up
  • Struggling to order food and drink because staff can't hear me